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EcoPaperLoop not explicitly mentioned, but:

ERPC to step up discussions on a deinkability scorecard for packaging

Interview on on Jan 16,2015


Report about a LCA comparing offset and flexo newspapers

Italia Grafica Nov 12, 2014

Grafica Italia


"Die Qualität des Altpapiers verbessern" —
EcoPaperloop-Seminar in München am 7. Oktober 2014

pdf-logoBericht in der apr Nr. 11/2014 (pdf)


Pack in Carta e Cartone: Innovazioni Sostenibili
3 Marzo 2014, 14:00—17:30, Milano

Interview with Eliana Farotto and Graziano Elegir:


logoThe TWO SIDES campaign:
New paper recycling project in Central Europe (26/4/2013)

(with Link to the EcoPaperLoop Newsletter "Awareness")


logoItalian Business TV

"You Impresa" Business TV Camera di Commercio Milan has
a video about the kick-off press conference.



apr Nr. 12/2012 has a full page about the EcoPaperLoop project:

pdf-logoArticle for download (pdf)



Is an exclusive management newsletter, in its 17th December 2012 issue: EcoPaperLoop / Recycling Project Transnational Awareness

pdf-logoArticle for download (pdf)


italiagrafica teaserItalia Grafica ...

... has a two-page feature about EcoPaperLoop: Find the full feature online here.

pdf-logoItalia Grafica article for download (pdf)


parliament cover"Parliament" ...

... on the occasion of the European Paper Week has an advertorial (paid content) about EcoPaperLoop. According to themselves, The Parliament Magazine is the magazine for the European Parliament and European click for full imageCommission. It is distributed once every two weeks to all Members of the European Parliament, senior members of the Commission, the Council and various EU institutions. We have a hard copy distribution of around 4,000. Additionally, the digital magazine is distributed to 50,000 contacts including journalists worldwide, the public affairs contacts from EPAD (European Public Affairs Directory), bulletin subscribers, from EU officials/Commission staff to public affairs consultants.

They have an editorial board which consists of MEPs. In the past parliamentary year, we have received editorial contributions from over 200 MEPs and 19 of the 27 EU Commissioners.

Link to "Parliament" Magazine

EcoPaperLoop advertorial for download (pdf)


logoGrafičar — Revija slovenskih grafičarjev
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

thumb2/April 2013:

Seminar recikliranja — Darmstad

Izboljšajmo ekološki krogotok papirja, SKUPAJ

pdf-logoArticles for download (pdf)


iconAppalti Verdi (Italy) Oct 2012

Sviluppo Sostenibile: Carta da riciclo: come migliorarne Ia qualita?

pdf-logoArticle for download (pdf)


More articles about EcoPaperLoop online:

logoGrafičar (Slovenia), February 2013:
Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani, Oddelek za tekstilstvo, organizira brezplačno predstavitev projekta – Eko(loški) krogotok papirja* (EcoPaperLoop)

Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta (Univerza v Ljubljani):
Novi projekt Srednje Evrope za izboljšanje zbiranja in oblikovanja izdelkov

Grafičar (Slovenia), Sept. 24, 2012:
EcoPaperLoop: Povečanje kakovosti papirja za recikliranje

logoRadio Ambiente (Italy), Oct 2, 2012:
Progetto Ecopaperloop, per rendere più sostenibile
il ciclo di vita della carta

pmiservizi (Italy), Oct 1, 2012:
Gestione rifiuti in azienda e sostenibilità: progetto EcoPaperLoop,
also on Facebook

CSQA (Italy), Sept 26, 2012:
EcoPaperLoop sul ciclo di vita della carta (Italy), Sept 26, 2012:
EcoPaperLoop, il design per migliorare la raccolta differenziata della carta

Ambiente (Italy), Sept 25, 2012:'
Con EcoPaperLoop i prodotti cartari saranno più “verdi”

Comieco (Italy), Sept 24, 2012:
EcoPaperLoop: un nuovo progetto di Central Europe (...)

Papirkutato (Hungary), Sept 24, 2012:
EcoPaperLoop projekt

University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
EcoPaperLoop: Povečanje kakovosti papirja za recikliranje



Conference Contributions

Proceedings of the 10th PAZU Conference on 30th November 2012 in Murska Sobota (Slovenija) with a published presentation in Sloveian language (Recycled papers and project Ecopaperloop) presented by Diana Gregor Svetec, University of Ljubljana:

pdf-logoReciklirani papirji in projekt "Ecopaperloop”
Diana Gregor Svetec, Silva König, Klemen Možina
Univerza v Ljubljani, Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta, Oddelek za tekstilstvo / Snežniška 5,

pdf-logoFull proceedings of the 10th PAZU Conference (in Slovenian)

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