in Kraków, Poland

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

EcoPaperLoop Final Conference in Krakow December 2, 2014

You have missed the EcoPaperLoop final Conference December 2nd, 2014 in Krakow, Poland, for everybody in the paper chain: recyclers, printers, publishers or agencies as well as packaging converters or representaives of administrations dealing with paper and packaging collection! Watch the presentations here, you can also download the slides.

pdflogoDownload the invitation with the program here.


Welcome to the Kraków Conference!


The Krakow Presentations

Grzegorz Ganczewski, COBRO — Packaging Research Institute, Poland

Project Overview
pdflogoGraziano Elegir, Innovhub-SSI, Project Leader EcoPaperLoop, Italy


The Waste Collection in Poland —
Problems with the Quality of Paper for Recycling

pdflogoKatarzyna Godlewska, SPP, Poland


Strategies for the Collection of Paper for Recycling
pdflogoHarald Großmann, Technical University of Dresden, Germany


Session on Circular Economy

View of the Polish Government on Circular Economy
pdflogoBeata Kłopotek, Counselor of the Minister of Environment

Circular Economy Package — the Paper Industry’s Position
pdflogoUlrich Leberle, CEPI, Belgium


Life Cycle Analysis of Paper Products I
pdflogoGrzegorz Ganczewski


Life Cycle Analysis of Paper Products II
pdflogoDaniele Bussini, Innovhub-SSI, Italy


Recommendations for a Regulatory Framework
pdflogoMateja Mešl, ICP Ljubljana, Slovenia


The future quality of paper for recycling
and its impacts on paper sorting and paper making

pdflogoJohannes Kappen, C. Seidemann, PTS Heidenau, Germany


Deinkability of Graphic Products — News and Results
pdflogoAndreas Faul, erma concepts, Germany


Recyclability of Packaging Products — Test Method, Scorecard and Results
pdflogoHans-Joachim Putz, Saskia Runte, PMV Darmstadt, Germany
(presented by Andreas Faul)


Communicating Sustainability in the Paper Chain
pdflogoAxel Fischer, erma concepts, Germany


Closing Remarks
     Graziano Elegir



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