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EcoPaperLoop Project Final Conference

On December 2nd, 2014 in Krakow, Galaxy Hotel

Program: Wrap-up of the project containing the work packages

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Für ein besseres Papierrecycling in Europa:

Papierprodukte, Verpackungen und Sammelsysteme optimieren

EcoPaperLoop-Seminar in München 
in der Papiertechnischen Stiftung (PTS) 
am 9. Oktober 2014

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Riciclo della carta e del cartone:
pubbliche amministrazioni e impreseinsieme
per un’economia circolare

Milano 7 ottobre 2014 Palazzo Pirelli, Sala Pirelli Via Fabio Filzi, 22 Milano

Programma e presentazioni


INPAK, International Fair of Packaging, Packaging Techniques and Logistics, Gornja Radgona, Slovenia

as a part of 52nd International Fair Of Agriculture And Food, AGRA,
August 23—28, 2014

pdflogoDownload the invitation

pdflogoDownload the presentation "Cellulose Based Packaging Recyclability" by Graziano Elegir


Seminar for all members of the paper chain in Sopron, Hungary on July 9, 2014


Papírgyűjtési Stratégiák
2014. július 9. Szerda, Sopron, Magyarország

You were there — or you missed a fabulous event for everybody in the paper chain: recyclers, printers, publishers or agencies as well as packaging converters or representaives of administrations dealing with paper and packaging collection!

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Aticelca conference, 30 maggio 2014

Graziano Elegir presented on
"Il progetto EcoPaperLoop:
sostenibilità della filiera cartaria


Seminario: Carta stampata a ridotto impatto ambientale tra appalti verdi e ecolabel, Torino 27 Maggio 2014

Graziano Elegir presented on
"Impatti ambientali di settore, norme tecniche e metodi di prova".


Seminario: Carta stampata a ridotto impatto ambientale tra appalti verdi e ecolabel, Torino 27 Maggio 2014

Graziano Elegir presented on
"Impatti ambientali di settore, norme tecniche e metodi di prova".




in cooperation with COST Action FP1003 “Impact of renewable materials in packaging for sustainability — development of renewable fibre and bio-based materials for new packaging

Graziano Elegir presented on
"Cellulose based packaging recyclability: criteria for a sustainable paper loop".

pdflogoDownload the full program of the PTS Symposium here.



Pack in Carta e Cartone: Innovazioni Sostenibili
3 Marzo 2014, 14:00-17:30, Milano

La partecipazione è GRATUITA! Informazione:pdflogo

Presentation by Graziano Elegirpdflogo

Interview with Eliana Farotto and Graziano Elegir:


23rd INGEDE Symposium

February 12, 2014 in Munich, Germany (more)

INGEDE Symposium 2014

pdf-logoProf. Harald Grossmann presented about EcoPaperLoop at the "Collection Panel"

INGEDE Symposium                    INGEDE Symposium 2014

Past Seminar Jan 22 in Ljubljana


Eco-friendly recyclability of paper based products:
Recyclability evaluation and policy guidelines

The two day event consisted of a seminar with brain storming session and a practical workshop.

For more details and the full program click here.

The presentations of the seminar and workshop are available for download!



4th International Joint Conference on Environmental and Light Industry Technologies

20-22 of November 2013 in Budapest, Hungary
Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering of Óbuda University

IJCELIT 2013 serves as a framework for three events, including the 4th Graphic Communications Technology Workshop organised by the Institute of Media Technology.

DGSProf. Dr. Diana Gregor-Svetec, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia is in the scientific committee and gave a plenary presentation on Life cycle of paper and paper based packaging (abstractpdf-logohere).


17th Day of Slovene Paper Industry
& 40th International Symposium DITP

20-21 November 2013 in Bled, Slovenia

17. DAN SLOVENSKEGA PAPIRNIŠTVA »Novi časi v tradicionalni papirni industriji«


Dr. Janja Zule; Inštitut za celulozo in papir, Ljubljana, Slovenija



XIth Symposium on Graphic Arts, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Department of Graphic Arts and Photophysics held this symposium under the auspices of Dean of Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice, the Czech Republic and IARIGAI, the International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries, on 17–18 June 2013 in the building of Faculty of Chemical Technology.

Presentation: Efficient paper recycling (Abstract)

presented by
Gregor-Svetec D., Možina K., Blaznik B., Urbas R., Vrabič Brodnjak U., Golob G.

pdf-logoFull presentation (in English)

pdf-logoFull manuscript (in English)


ZELLCHEMING Expo in Germany

Conference and exhibition June 11-13, 2013 in Wiesbaden

with both PTC and PMV hosting exhibits and information about EcoPaperLoop.



Conference Contributions in Italy

converflexConverflex exhibition in Milano, with GrazianoElegir presenting "Ecopaperloop: ecodesign dei prodotti cartari" at a Workshop: "riciclabilità degli imballaggi e dei prodotti a base cellulosica" on May 9, 2013

pdf-logoFull presentation (in Italian)


Conference Contributions in Slovenia

Proceedings of the 10th PAZU Conference on 30th November 2012 in Murska Sobota (Slovenija) with a published presentation in Slovenian language (Recycled papers and project Ecopaperloop) presented by Diana Gregor Svetec, University of Ljubljana:

pdf-logoReciklirani papirji in projekt "Ecopaperloop”
Diana Gregor Svetec, Silva König, Klemen Možina
Univerza v Ljubljani, Naravoslovnotehniška fakulteta, Oddelek za tekstilstvo / Snežniška 5,

pdf-logoFull proceedings of the 10th PAZU Conference (in Slovenian)


Seminar "EcoPaperLoop" at the European Paper Week 2012

click here for more details and full presentations



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