EcoPaperLoop Video Clips


Development of a new method to estimate the removability of adhesives from packaging

Testing recyclability of packaging (81 MB)
A new EcoPaperLoop project, filmed at PMV Darmstadt
Draft version in web resolution (640x360) — come back for an updated version with more information!


Life Cycle Analysis: What is that?

Graziano Elegir, Grzegorz Ganczewski and Daniele Bussini explain, what is being done in the EcoPaperLoop project in terms of Life Cycle Analysis of paper products and packaging. Come back for an updated version!



A Day In Krakow. Scenes from a Conference.

Video clip from the EcoPaperLoop Final Conference on December 2nd, 2014 (19 MB).


More videos to come!

please come back for more videos about the paper recycling and deinking process, about adhesives and collection systems (and more) which are to be produced in the course of the project.

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