Enhancing the Quality of Paper for Recycling

A Central Europe Project


Outcome and Recommendations book is available

outcome-coverThe EcoPaperLoop Project has come to an end.

The final Outcome and Recommendations book is available for download and also as a hardcopy on request.

pdflogoDownload the book here (400 pages, 14.2 MB)

I - Guideline Document
Recyclability of Paper Based Products

II - Guideline Document
Eco-Design for Recycling: Criteria for Sustainability

III - Guideline Document
Recommendations on Collection Strategies

IV - Guideline Document
Policy Recommendations and Guidelines

V   Krakow Final Conference Presentations

All Guideline Documents will also be available in German, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, and Slovene.

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arrowEcoRecycling Calculator: Online Calculator tool for the sustainability of paper recycling (5.2.5.)


newINGEDE Methods translated

In the course of the project, important INGEDE Methods have been translated into German,
Hungarian, Polish, and Slovene.



pdflogoThe EcoPaperLoop Project
       in the Central2013 Portraits book.



Komunikat prasowy Końcowa konferencja EcoPaperLoop w Krakowie

cracow galaxy

EcoPaperLoop Project Final Conference

December 2nd, 2014 in Krakow, Galaxy Hotel

Program: Wrap-up of the project containing the work packages

More details and the presentations are available on the conference website.

By Kudak (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


gif EcoPaperLoop Method 1:

Testing the Recyclability of Packaging

pdflogoDownload the method here.


awareness-logoRecyclability Scores for Packaging:
How good is your box after use?

2nd issue of the EcoPaperLoop Newsletter "Awareness"
is available for downloadpdflogohere.

Includes also:


Steering Committee Meeting in Milano 27—28 October 2014

See details on the partner pages!


ERPC 2011 Monitoring ReportEuropean Paper Recycling in 2013 at 71.7%
This and more facts about Paper recycling in Europe in the
2013 Monitoring Report of the ERPC.

Download it here!


EcoPaperLoop Seminar in München am 9. Oktober 2014

in German at PTS München, 11:30—16:00 hrs — click here for all the details!

Seminar in deutscher Sprache in der Papiertechnischen Stiftung in München — Details hier!


Seminar for all members of the paper chain in Sopron, Hungary on July 9, 2014

Presentations now available online!

More information here.

Meghívó: Papírgyűjtési Stratégiák

Tanácskozás a Papír Lánc valamennyi tagja részételével. 2014. július 9. Szerda, Sopron, Magyarország


You missed it, but all the information will be available online: EcoPaperLoop Seminar July 9, 2014 in Sopron, Hungary,for everybody in the paper chain: recyclers, printers, publishers or agencies as well as packaging converters or representaives of administrations dealing with paper and packaging collection!

More information here.

Past Seminar Jan 22 in Ljubljana


Eco-friendly recyclability of paper based products:
Recyclability evaluation and policy guidelines

The two day event consisted of a seminar with brain storming session and a practical workshop.

For more details and the full program click here.

The presentations of the seminar and workshop are available for download!




Awareness — the first edition of the EcoPaperLoop Newsletter
is available in English, German, Hungarian, Slovene, Italian and Polish.

Download the English version (pdf)

thumb newsletter

Tudatosság: Download the Hungarian version here

Verstanden: Hier die deutsche Version herunterladen

Consapevolezza: La versione italiana e' riportata di seguito

Ozaveščanje: Downlad the Slovene version here

Świadomość: Finally here is the Polish newsletter


Past Events

4th International Joint Conference on Environmental and Light Industry Technologies

20-22 of November 2013 in Budapest, Hungary
Faculty of Light Industry and Environmental Engineering of Óbuda University

see "Events"

Last EcoPaperLoop Seminar Oct 29, 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, for everybody in the paper chain: recyclers, printers, publishers or agencies as well as packaging converters — more information here.

EcoPaperLoop seminar "Together we can improve ecological paper loop" in Ljubljana on Feb 14, 2013more information in Slovenian here.

Presentations about EcoPaperLoop at the INGEDE Symposium in Munich on February 13, 2013 by Graziano Elegir (Project Leader), Harald Großmann and Dennis Voß.

For project partners only: EcoPaperLoop Recyclability Seminar on January 22nd and 23rd, 2013 at PMV lab in Darmstadt. A detailed introduction into the proposed Recyclability Method for Packaging Papers. More information on the partners only page.

Presentations available: EcoPaperLoop seminar at the CEPI European Paper Week in Brussels
on Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012


Graziano Elegir, Dr. Hans-Joachim Putz and Prof. Harald Großmann gave an outline of the project. The presentations are available here!

For first press release please scroll down!

italiagrafica teaserNEW: "You Impresa" Business TV Camera di Commercio Milan has a video about the kick-off press conference.

Italia Grafica has a two-page feature about EcoPaperLoop

See all media coverage here.

Paper is a natural biopolymer obtained from a renewable resource (wood). It is renewable, recyclable and, at the end of its life, biodegradable. Paper recycling increases the material lifespan and is a key strategy that contributes to:

epl logo- Save primary raw material (wood/forest)
- Reduce energy consumption versus the use of
  virgin fibres
- Reduce chemicals consumption
- Reduce the impact on fresh water
- Improve waste management strategies reducing
  its use in thermocalorisation plants and
  landfilling of biodegradable material.

One of the main driving forces to effectively implement high valuable paper recycling strategies in given regions is the ‘Environmental awareness of the society’. Nonetheless, in this context, recovered paper quality is THE key element: On one side preventing constrains during paper recycling operations and securing good quality raw material for the paper industry, and on the other side reducing the environmental impact (e.g. the better is the secondary raw material the lower is the environmental impact of its treatment) of the regions thus obtaining social benefits.

In Central Europe regions recovered paper is a major resource (secondary raw material), however, the paper recycling rates are still highly inhomogeneous. Since recovered paper is not only recycled in the country where it is produced some essential features such as ecodesign and eco-collection concepts must be developed at transnational level to increase the sustainability of the paper loop.

List of Project Partners

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