Paper Collection Strategies
Seminar in Sopron, Hungary, July 9, 2014


Meghívó: Papírgyűjtési Stratégiák

2014. július 9. Szerda, Sopron, Magyarország

You missed it, but all information will be online soon:
EcoPaperLoop Seminar
July 9, 2014 in Sopron, Hungary, for everybody in the paper chain: recyclers, printers, publishers or agencies as well as packaging converters or representatives of administrations dealing with paper and packaging collection!

arrowThe speakers and their presentations

uwhThe seminar took place at the University of West Hungary, Faculty of Wood Sciences, Paper Research Institute (UWH/FWS/PRI).


auditorium10:00–10:10 Welcome
Tibor Alpár, Dean of Faculty of Wood Sciences, University of West Hungary, Sopron
Graziano Elegir, Project Leader EcoPaperLoop, Italy
István Lele, Paper Research Institute, University of West Hungary

10:10–10:40 Paper collection requirements of Hamburger Hungaria Ltd.
Attila Bencs, Hamburger Hungaria Ltd., Hungary

maain square10:40–11:10 Activities related to paper for recycling in the National Waste Management Agency
Oszkár Vámosi, National Waste Management Agency, Hungary

11:10–11:40 Role of collection systems and other approaches for improving paper recovery in Europe
Jan Reichenbach, INTECUS GmbH, Dresden, Germany



eko-kom13:00–13:30 Collection Systems for Paper for Recycling in the Czech Republic
Lukáš Grolmus, EKO-KOM, Prague, Czech Republic

13:30–14:00 Different collection systems in Sopron
László Kosztka, Waste Management Agency, Sopron, Hungary

14:00–16:00 Brainstorming session
• Collection systems and the quality of paper for recycling
• Communicating quality of paper for recycling
• Legislation aspects

16:00–16:30 Paper and board collection and recovery
at Kempten Waste Management Association

Karl-Heinz Lumer, Kempten Waste Management Association (ZAK), Germany
(Kempten is the partner city of Sopron)

16:30–16:50 Summary of the World Café, Conclusion of the Seminar
Moderator: Prof. Harald Grossmann, Technical University of Dresden, Germany

16:50–17:00 Final Remarks and Take-home Message
Graziano Elegir, Project Leader EcoPaperLoop, Italy


arrowThe speakers and their presentations

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